When you take a look at cities that are anchored by universities, like Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York or Hong Kong, these cities tend to out perform other cities from an investment perspective.


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Kelowna, Canada’s Second-Best Small City

A study done by Resonance Consultancy in 2022 ranked Kelowna second among all Canadian cities of under 1 million population, measured on factors such as restaurants, shopping, safety, air quality, recreation, and more, proving Kelowna to not only be a highly desirable, sought after lifestyle destination, but also one of the fastest growing cities in the nation.

Best Small Cities Report 2022

The Univerity Effect

In vibrant urban landscapes, the interdependent bond between downtown university campuses and their surrounding neighbourhoods has long captured the interest of savvy real estate investors.

According to REIN’s 2019 University Effect Report, universities have a profound cultural and economic impact on their neighbourhoods, attracting theatres, galleries and other cultural amenities in addition to bringing investment, infrastructure and innovation, all of which collectively enhance the area with excitement, energy, economic growth and prosperity.

REIN’s 2019 University Effect Report

Investor Package

Learn more about ONE Varsity as an investment opportunity in our curated Investor Package.

Investor Package

Five Smart
Reasons To Own

A Great Small City
ONE Varsity is a key downtown development that’s aiding and accelerating Kelowna’s transition from terrific small Canadian city to great small global city. It’s the ground floor of Kelowna’s future nestled in the heart of the new Varsity District.

Emerging Varsity District
ONE Varsity and its UBCO neighbour will be anchors in a key area of downtown transitioning into the new Varsity District. Ideally located, ONE Varsity is walkable to shops, services, entertainment and Okanagan Lake, it’s a new centre of the most vibrant neighbourhood in the city.

Kelowna International Airport (YLW)
Kelowna, Canada’s fastest-growing city, is served by an international airport that’s small enough to move through effortlessly, and connected enough to take residents of ONE Varsity everywhere they need to be.
British Columbia’s most highly ranked university is partnering with the City of Kelowna to create a downtown campus. A cohort of students and professors will bring not only a new population to downtown, but also energy, vitality, momentum and opportunity.

Innovative High-Rise Living
ONE Varsity is the evolution of downtown life. It will create a social and connected vertical community offering thoughtful amenities that facilitate get- togethers, creative collisions and friendships, fostering community.


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